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Surgical Scissor Product Features

TC Mayo Scissor
Proper Name: Mayo Scissor
Other Names: Mayos, Suture Scissors
Most Common Length: 6.75’’
Surgical Use: Cutting and dissecting tissue

Metzenbaum Scissor
Proper Name: Metzenbaum Scissor
Other Names: Metz, Nelson, Delicate Scissor, Tissue Scissor
Most Common Length: 7’’
Surgical Use: For cutting delicate tissue and blunt dissection

Sharp/Blunt Operating Scissors
Proper Name: Sharp/Blunt Operating Scissor
Other Names: Sharp/Blunt, Nurse’s Scissor, Suture Scissor or Scissor
Most Common Length: 5.5’’
Surgical Use: For cutting tissue and cutting surgical drapes

Post-Operative Care of Scissors
Separate the rings and being the decontamination process within 20 minutes after surgery. The use of spray-on moisturizers such as Spectra-Moist is also a very effective way to prevent blood from drying on surgical scissors. Soak scissor in an enzymatic solution or place a moist towel saturated with water over the instruments.

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