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Cold Sterilization

Cold sterilization is not a recommended method for disinfecting surgical instruments.

Why not?

When you use cold sterilization, or anytime you immerse instruments for long periods of time in any solution, it can prove damaging.

In fact, you should never leave instruments in any solution for longer than 20 minutes. Do not immerse instruments with tungsten carbide inserts (needle holders with gold handles) in solutions containing Benzyl Ammonium Chloride (BAC). This chemical is known to loosen the tungsten carbide.

What's a better alternative to using cold sterilization? Learn the proper procedure for cleaning surgical instruments through instrument disinfection.

You can also read more about cleaning surgical instruments in the excerpt "Enemies of Surgical Instruments" from IMS CEO Rick Schultz's new book, Inspecting Surgical Instruments, An Illustrated Guide.


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