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Importance of Cleaning Surgical Instruments After Surgery to
Help Prevent Staining & Corrosion

The washing process should begin within 20 minutes after surgery, even if sterilization will take place much later. Washing surgical instruments within a few minutes of surgery prevents blood from drying and is your best defense against corrosion, pitting and staining.

Only use approved solutions for washing, disinfecting and lubricating. Non-approved solutions are any that do not specifically state on the label: "for surgical instruments".

Approved solutions are specially designed for surgical instruments and the sterilization cycle. Their product labels will state this use.

TIP: If more time is needed, keep post-op instruments moist so that blood, tissue and other debris does not dry on the instruments. The best way to keep your instruments moist is to place a wet towel over the instruments, or use our Spectra-Moist™. This wetting-agent keeps blood from drying for hours.


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