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HOSPITAL Surgical Instruments

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REPAIR Services

VIEW repair capabilities – scissor sharpening and flexible/ rigid scope repair to power equipment and case cart repair.

Solutions for all our Customer's needs...

We provide a full line of surgical instrument care products, medical cleaning brushes and surgical instrument accessories. We are a leading provider of surgical instrument repair services. Choose from a full range of services, from instrument sharpening and restoration to more advanced repairs, such as flexible and rigid scopes. We serve hospitals, surgery centers and veterinary centers across the United States. IMS' tremendous growth over the past 30 years is fueled by our famous warranties and our commitment to customer satisfaction and retention. IMS is the industry leader for medical products, such as needle holders, surgical scissors, surgical forceps, as well as surgical instrument repair services and decontamination solutions.

Our surgical instruments include cardiac products, surgical forceps, laparoscopic Instruments, laryngoscopes, needle holders, neurological, ophthalmic, orthopedic, podiatry, retractors, scissors, sterilization trays, stainless products, suction tubes, urological surgical instruments, face shields, finger traps, intestinal instruments, decontamination gloves, inspection mats, instrument cleaning brushes, flash cards, magnifiers, marking tape, instrument stringers, Spectra-Clave, Spectra-Lube, Spectra-Matic, Spectra-Moist, Spectra-Scrub, Spectra-Soap, and Spectra-Wipes™ instrument stain remover towelettes. Surgical instrument repair services include battery packs, cameras, case carts, clipper blades, diamond knives, needle holders, Phaco handpieces, sterilization containers, harmonic scalpels, Laparoscopic Insulation Tester, On-Location Case Cart, and Stainless Steel Equipment Repair.

IMS is a subsidiary of STERIS Corporation. Visit IMS to learn more about our plans to service our Customers with solutions they need to Make Patients Safer.