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Spectrum Surgical Features Canine Spay Pack, Veterinary Surgical Instruments

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

IMS provides an array of veterinary surgical instruments. A featured veterinary surgery pack is the 19 piece Canine Spay Pack. It consists of all the essentials to perform a precise and accurate surgery.

19 piece Canine Spay Pack, Veterinary Surgical Instruments

19 piece Canine Spay Pack, Veterinary Surgical Instruments

The Canine Spay Pack includes:
1: Snook Hook
1: Olsen Hegar Needle Holder 6.5”, Tungsten Carbide with Gold Ring Handles
1: Mayo Scissor 6.75”, Straight
1: Metzenbaum Scissor 7”, Curved
1: Adson Brown Forcep , 4.75”
1: #3 Knife Handle
4: Backhaus Towel Forceps, 3.5”
2: Halstead Mosquito Hemostats 5”, Curved
2: Kelly Hemostats, 5.5” Straight
2: Rochester Carmalts, 6.25”, Straight
2: Rochester Carmalts, 6.25”, Curved
1: Allis Forcep 6”, with 4 x 5 teeth 

To purchase your Canine Spay Pack please visit our Website or IMS’s eBay page.

Learn more about IMS’s veterinary surgical instruments.

Spectrum Surgical Offers More Products on eBay

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010
IMS is pleased to announce the additional products it offers on eBay.
  • Veterinary General Surgery Pack
  • Feline Bandage Scissor
  • Olsen-Hegar Needle Holder
  • Lister Bandage Scissor-Middleline®, 5.5’’
  • Lister Bandage Scissor-Middleline®, 7.25’’
  • Littauer Stitch Scissor, 5.5’’
  • Littauer Stitch Scissor-Middleline®, 5.5’’
  • Littauer Stitch Scissor-Middleline®, 4.75’’
  • Littauer Stitch Scissor-Middleline®, 3.5’’
  • We provide valuable surgical instruments at an affordable price. Middleline® Surgical Instruments are considered the country’s best selling alternative to German Instruments.

    Feline Bandage Scissor

    Feline Bandage Scissor

    All products come with either a Lifetime Warranty or 2-year Warranty. For only $2.00 more, you can customize your surgical instruments with your name or initials. We also offer cleaning products to help protect your instruments.

    If you’re interested in any of IMS’s products please visit our Website or eBay page.

    Please contact us for any questions or additional information at 1-800-444-5644.