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Veterinary Surgical Advancements – First Hybrid Operating Suite Unveiled

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Earlier this month the Animal Medical Center unveiled its new hybrid operating suite, a $3.5 million surgical unit designed for its companion animal patients to better get diagnosed and treated in one visit, offering faster recovery times, and the ability to provide its veterinary patients with human level care.  Hybrid ORs have been a major advancement in human health care over the past few years as human patients have benefited from shorter stays, safer procedures and better outcomes.  Most hybrid operating rooms are surgical suites offering equipment for both minimally invasive and open procedures while adding the extra convenience of complex imaging systems to provide immediate, detailed information to the surgeons.

Despite the growing popularity of hybrid operating suites in hospitals across the world, the development of this new veterinary surgical suite at the Animal Medical Center is the first of its kind. The Animal Medical Center is a non-profit veterinary center in New York City whose staff is made up of over 90 veterinarians and has been leading the nation in animal care since 1910.

At IMS we are committed to providing the highest quality surgical instruments to the providers of both human care and veterinary care.  Our goal has always been to work directly with industry leaders, like the Animal Medical Center, to offer quality veterinary surgical supplies and superior education on proper care of surgical instruments and patient safety. To read more about the AMC hybrid operating suite and see pictures of the ribbon-cutting ceremony, visit their website .

For more information about our veterinary surgical instruments, contact us online or at 1 (800) 444-5644.