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Surgical Instrument Care — Employee Appreciation Week 2010

Friday, September 10th, 2010

IMS  understands the importance of great customer service, but the company also recognizes its employees hard-work. If it wasn’t  for IMS’s employees great work ethics and team unity, the company would not have such great customer service reviews.

Recently, IMS honored its employees with an Employee Appreciation Week of fun games, food and a recognition ceremony.

Check out the Employee Appreciation Week pictures.

IMS Employee Appreciation Week

Learn more about IMS’s company and culture in the Work and Play Section.

Find surgical instrument care literature and tips with IMS’s education guide series.

Surgical Instrument Sterilization — Spectrum Surgical CEO is Quoted in Medical Article

Friday, August 27th, 2010

HealthCare Purchasing News quotes IMS CEO Rick Schultz in an article about how to sterilize your surgical instruments and the proper steps.

The article focuses on enzymatic formulations that enhance the performance of cleaning detergents for your surgical instruments.

IMS CEO Rick Schultz comments on the enzymatic efficiency and how it decontaminates surgical instruments. He provides tips on how to properly use the detergent on your instruments.

“Dried-on blood and [bioburden] is something that we have to do something about. The longer it is left on the instruments, the harder it is to remove,” he said, adding that spraying instruments with an enzymatic and then covering the devices is a simple process that can shave off hours of cleaning in the decontamination area. If an enzymatic isn’t available, no problem: “The simplest approach is using tap water and a towel to keep instruments moist.”

Click here to view the full article.

Learn more about surgical instrument sterilization with IMS’s Inspecting Surgical Instruments book.

Spectrum Surgical Features Spectra-Lube for Cleaning Surgical Instruments

Saturday, July 31st, 2010

IMS supplies solutions and products for cleaning surgical instruments.


Spectra-Lube® Cleaning Surgical Instrument solution

IMS features Spectra-Lube®, a spray-on applicator that eliminates extra costs and messy instrument “baths” by allowing you to put lubrication where it’s needed. Spectra-Lube® is designed to protect and lubricate your surgical instruments. Its neutral pH and rust inhibitor  prolongs the life of your surgical instruments and reduces any damage and replacement costs.

Spectra-Lube® can be ordered on IMS’s Website. IMS also offers Spectra-Lube® in an 8-piece Ultrasonic Cleaning Kit.

To learn about IMS’s cleaning surgical instruments products click here.

Excerpt on Retractors

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

IMS’s new book Inspecting Surgical Instruments informs readers the proper steps and procedures when it comes to caring and handling your surgical instruments.

IMS Instrument, Retractor

IMS Instrument, Retractor

One of the available excerpts on retractors provides information regarding how to test your retractors age and if it needs replaced, as well as points of inspection. The easy-to-read instructions include illustrations to help guide you.

For more information and instructions on how to properly test your retractor and other surgical instruments, please visit our Website.

You can purchase the illustrated guide Inspecting Surgical Instruments on IMS’s eBay page or click here.


10 Improper Ways to Handle and Clean Your Surgical Instruments

Tuesday, July 27th, 2010
Avoid Cluttering Surgical Instruments

Avoid Cluttering Surgical Instruments

To help prolong the life of your surgical instruments, IMS offers 10 practices to avoid when handling and cleaning your surgical instruments.

Avoid the following:

  1. Allowing blood to dry on surgical instruments
  2. Soaking surgical instruments in water
  3. Soaking surgical instruments in saline
  4. Long periods of soaking surgical instruments will cause damages
  5. Allowing water to dry onto  surgical instruments
  6. Sterilizing  surgical instruments with ratchets closed
  7. Improperly using the surgical instrument
  8. Improperly using cleaning solutions and lubricants
  9. Rough handling of  surgical instruments
  10. Rough dumping of  surgical instruments

For more information regarding how to properly handle your surgical instruments visit our Website or purchase our very own illustrated guide called Inspecting Surgical Instruments.