Cleaning Surgical Instruments — Instrument Wetting Agent and Enzymatic Pre-Cleaning Gel

IMS offers a variety of solutions to properly clean surgical instruments and prevent blood from drying on them.

IMS Instruments Corp. is pleased to introduce its newly designed Spectra-Moist® EZ, a ready-to-use instrument wetting agent and enzymatic pre-cleaning gel.

Clinically developed to prevent blood from drying on surgical instruments, Spectra-Moist® EZ safely and effectively begins the cleaning process by breaking down blood and bioburden on contact.

Multi-tiered enzymatic action dissolves blood, fats, protein, promotes easier and faster processing, and reduces instrument staining and damage.

Spectra-Moist® EZ features:

  • a neutral pH
  • will not interfere with other detergents or enzymatic cleaners
  • comes in an economical, easy-to-use 32 oz. spray bottle

Shop online at IMS for solutions to cleaning surgical instruments.

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