Instrument Sharpening — Scissor Sharpness Test Material

Sharpness testing material is now available from IMS.

Scissor Sharpness Test Material

Scissor Sharpness Test Material

The scissor sharpness test material is offered in two different styles and thicknesses. IMS’s standard, red scissor sharpness testing material is designed to test scissors longer than 4.5’’. Now, you can test smaller scissors measuring 4.5’’ and shorter with the yellow testing material.

Shop online at the IMS website for your Scissor Sharpness Test Material.

IMS’s Scissor Test Material comes packaged with 18 feet per roll, education box, complete full color photos and instructions. A new latex-free version of the testing material is also available.

IMS also offers sharpness testing tips on their website and in CEO Rick Schultz Inspecting Surgical Instruments: An Illustrated Guide.

Get your free surgical scissor guide full of tips on instrument sharpening, instrument cleaning  and more.

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