Cleaning Surgical Instruments – Contaminated Towels Cause Damage

A medical facility in St. Louis has filed suit against its laundry service for allegedly supplying the medical center with towels which caused damage to their surgical instruments during the sterilization process.  The hospital is claiming that traces of flourosilic acid on the towels, absorbed through the service’s cleaning process, caused corrosion, left the surgical instruments discolored and caused them to be discarded.

The cleaning service is disputing the suit and disagrees there is a link between the acid and the damage to the surgical instruments.

Fluorosilicic acid is a transparent, corrosive liquid having the chemical formula of H2SiF6, which decomposes into hydrofluoric acid and silicon tetrafluoride.

Stainless steel surgical instruments are protected by a thin layer of chromium oxide.  The protective layer surrounding stainless steel surgical instruments is removed with any exposure to acid, solutions containing chloride or an acid based detergent.  Once the protective layer is removed, the acid can attack the unprotected steel causing damage and pitting.

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