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Surgical Instrument Testing

Scissor Sharpness

Using scissor test material, make several complete cuts through the material, cutting all the way through to the distal tip (where scissors most often dull). Red material is used for scissors measuring 4.5" to 12" in length, while yellow material is used for scissors measuring 3" to 4" in length. The test will indicate satisfactory sharpness. Be sure scissors cut all the way to the tip. Scissor test material is available from Spectrum.

Needle holder Jaw Wear

Visual examinations best. Jaw wear at the distal tips will be noticeable, needle holder jaw "tread" always wears out and always wears out at the tip.

Kerrison Rongeur

Sharpness of a rongeur can be tested by using a 3" x 5" index card. The rongeur should take a clean bite out of the card.

Bone Cutter

Bone cutting rongeurs should be able to cut through a 3" x 5" index card.

Laparoscopic Scissor

To test the sharpness, cut through a single layer of tissue paper. The scissor should cut through cleanly.


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