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Surgical Forceps — Tissue and Dressing Forceps

Surgical forceps for tissue and dressing are primarily designed to manipulate, grasp and hold tissue. Tissue Forceps have teeth, Dressing Forceps do not.

Facts About Forceps

Hemostats Product Feature
Dressing Forcep
Proper Name: Dressing Forcep
Length: 4’’ to 12’’
Surgical Use: To pack and manipulate sponges and dressings. Can also be used to handle and manipulate tissue.

Tissue Forcep
Proper Name: Tissue Forcep
Length: 4’’ to 12’’
Surgical Use: Handling and manipulating tissue during suturing.

Debakey Forcep
Proper Name: Debakey Tissue Forcep
Length: 6’’ to 11’’ with jaw widths of 1mm to 3mm
Surgical Use: Less traumatic manipulation of delicate tissue. Also used during suturing.

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