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Needle Holder Product Features

Webster Needle Holder
Proper Name: Webster Needle Holder
Jaw Description: Serrated, most common (smooth also available)
Length: 5”
Surgical Use: For driving suture needles

Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder
Proper Name: Mayo-Hegar Needle Holder
Jaw Description: Serrated
Length: 6”, 7”, 8”, 9”, 10”, 11”, 12”
Surgical Use: For driving suture needles

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Post-Operative Care of Needle Holders

Separate the rings and begin the decontamination process within 20 minutes after surgery. The use of spray-on moisturizers such as Spectra-Moist® (Order # SS6) is also a very effective way to prevent blood from drying. Soak the instruments in an enzymatic solution (Spectra-Matic™ Order # SS9) or place a moist towel saturated with water over the instruments.

Sternum Wire Twister

Due to the pressure of stainless steel wire being twisted, jaws of wire twisters are susceptible to cracking. This malfunction allows broken pieces of the tungsten carbide jaw to drop into the surgical site. Inspect the jaws prior to tray assembly and if pieces are missing or jaw wear is visible, do not use the instrument. Schedule the wire twister for repair.

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