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Needle Holder Inspection Directions

When it comes to inspecting your surgical instruments, it’s important to do it properly and thoroughly. Too often surgical instruments are not assessed or inspected correctly.

Below are needle holder points of inspection to follow in order to ensure quality assurance.

  1. Visually inspect jaws for signs such as partial smoothness or inconsistent wear. If worn schedule for repair.
  2. Hold needle holder to a light source and close jaws all the way. If you can see light between the jaws, this needle holder is in need of repair.
  3. Inspect jaws and box locks for cracks.
  4. Check jaws for burrs.
  5. The shanks of the instrument should be straight.
  6. Check ratchet to see if jaws stay closed on last ratchet. Test ratchet by opening and closing. With needle holder ratchets closed completely all edges should meet evenly.

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The next step is to examine the following parts of a needle holder instrument for sharpening or replacement.

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