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Surgical Instrument Maintenance — Hemostats Inspection

Proper maintenance and thorough inspections of your surgical instruments is important. Every surgical instrument has its own unique points of inspection that should be thoroughly examined in order to insure quality assurance.

Hemostats Inspection Directions

  1. Visually inspect serrations of jaws and all surfaces.
  2. Tips of serrated jaws should meet flush and not overlap.
  3. Teeth of hemostatic tissue forceps should be present, aligned and fit together perfectly.
  4. Open and close hemostat, checking for stiffness.
  5. Carefully inspect box lock area for cracks and debris.
  6. Test ratchet prior to each assembly of tray. To test if ratchet is sprung/in need or adjustment, close ratchet and gently tap rings evenly on hard surface.

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Hemostats Points of Inspection include:

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