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Gold Handle Needle holder

Re-Jawing Services for Gold-Handled Needle Holder Scissors

Gold Rings vs Non-Gold Rings on a Needle Holder

Gold rings: Indicate the jaw portion contains tungsten carbide
inserts. The needle holder is made out of stainless steel. The gripping
portion of the jaws have two pieces (inserts) made out of the metal
tungsten carbide. The tungsten carbide inserts are a harder metal
than stainless steel.

The advantages of tungsten carbide jaws on needle holders are:
1. They will not wear out as fast as stainless steel.
2. They grip the suture needle more precisely with less slippage.
3. When the jaws wear out the inserts can simply be replaced.

Non-Gold Rings: Indicate the jaws are made out of the same
material (stainless steel) as the rest of the needle holder. This design
of needle holder will wear out faster and the jaws cannot be


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