Inspecting Surgical Instruments
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How to Inspect Ophthalmic Instruments
How to Inspect Suction Devices
How to Test & Inspect Kerrison Rongeurs
How To Inspect Retractors
How To Test & Inspect Laparoscopic Instruments
How To Inspect Hemostats & Forceps
How To Inspect Needle Holders
How To Test & Inspect Scissors

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Surgical Instrument Processing & Inspection Made Easy
The Care and Handling of Microsurgical Instruments
Laparoscopic Instruments and Scope Processing
The Surgical Instrument Repair Process
Power Equipment and Flexible Scope Processing
Flexible Scope Leak Testing

Instrument Care Training

Causes of Corrosion
Cleaning After Surgery
Cold Sterilization
Enemies of Instruments
How to Send Instruments
Marking/ Etching Instruments
Pakistan-Made Instruments
Proper Care & Maintenance
Protect Your Investment
Rust vs. Stains
Sharpness Test Standards
Stain Removal
Steam Autoclave
Surgical Instrument Testing
Test Cleaning Machine
New Instruments Look & Feel
Maintenance Division
Ultrasonic Cleaning
Wrapping Materials

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